Monday, September 9, 2013

A tentative price for XBox One is

Just after months of policy reversals from Microsoft MSFT, there’s only one major difference between the Xbox One and the PS4 at this point, the price. The PS4 retails at $399 while the Xbox One is $499, and it will packed with the Kinect sensor, which is likely the decision point of the increased cost. Forbes has a posting regarding the profit and loss on each Xbox One system sold. Microsoft is saying that at $500 dollars that the Xbox One will break even on each system sold or make a profit. It also goes into w This is good!!! Means that they can spend more money on the system and getting more games for the system. They really worked their money out this time. The launch of the console is two and a half months from being released, and it seems at this point Microsoft is going to stick to their guns and ensure every Xbox One owner gets a Kinect. I’m sure they’re hoping the early adopters’ evangelism after use will convince others to want one as well, and it will become the norm.

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